Eco-thinking through and through - what's the big deal?

Earth Day Every Day! 

From the way the ingredients are grown through to the manufacturing process and then the choices of wrapping and packaging, we believe that the environment - and our effect on it - should be at the forefront of every single decision.

We will therefore be going through the Organic certification process (did you know it also includes standards on manufacturing and packaging, as well as ingredients being +95% organic for each product?).

We get our custom design tissue paper and stamp from noissue as they, like us, believe in putting the environment first. They have created the Eco-Packaging Alliance and only use fsc-certified, acid-free paper and soy-based inks.

We use only 100% recyclable card and cardboard packaging and wood wool (light & biodegradable) to keep your orders safe in transit.

The clear tape used to seal the labels is made with cellulose film and naturally based glue (i.e. both plant-based). The brown tape is made from paper and plant-based glue.

Lots of small acts add up to a big deal and even though it costs us a little more, we are happy to know that we are treading more lightly and helping you to do so too #smallgreenacts #cleanandgreen 

Planet & Purpose before Profit!