Returns policy

Tval's Returns Policy
Goods not received
Products ordered from Tval and which have not been received within 30 days of the order payment & order confirmation will either be re-sent to the customer or a refund will be offered (customer will be contacted and asked for a preference).
(The offer of re-sending or refunding may be offered sooner than the stated 30 days as Tval may have the capacity to investigate the postal issue with the delivery company and dependent on the outcome of that probing, will contact the customer with an update.)
* If the delivery address was entered incorrectly at check out and the package is not subsequently received, we regret that a re-sending or refund will not be offered. Please therefore check the entering of addresses very carefully and if in any doubt, send an email to asap after completing the order payment.
Goods not as expected
before use
After discussion with the customer about the specific issue*, an alternative product or a full refund may be offered, as appropriate. Do bear in mind that there is no guarantee that a refund will be offered depending on the query raised by the customer.
If damage to the package/products has occurred during transportation, the matter will be investigated with the courier company and after photo evidence, a full refund will be offered as appropriate.
* Do note that there are slight variations in the look and size of handcrafted, natural products and this will vary slightly from batch to batch.
after use:
If disappointment is reported - as unlikely as that is! - after using one of our products, and after a discussion with Tval, a refund may be offered depending on the circumstances.
* Please note our recommendations for using and storing natural soap bars and related, natural products.
* Please also note that we are not medically trained and make no claims about proven effects of using certain products for certain conditions.
Goods paid for but out of stock
We use an online stock control feature as part of the website which should eliminate the possibility of paying for an item which is actually out of stock. However, should this system for any reason not operate correctly and if a product or products are then ordered and paid for and during fulfilment of the order, discovered to be out of stock, the customer would be contacted and asked if a refund or a wait-till-restock-occurs would be preferred.