Ergonomic soap shapes

Since learning how to make natural, cold-processed soap back in January 2020 (a wonderful, whole day course), many different moulds were tried in the journey to settling on the half sphere silicone moulds...
It started with small rectangles, moved on to old-fashioned ovals with indents along the top, through various pebble-type shape moulds, with many recycled egg boxes and avocado card-packaging (inlaid with baking parchment) as well as glass dessert mini-bowls in between - then one day in December 2020, having run out of every possible container to pour yet another test batch of soap into, an Aha! moment! 
A humble, little individual Xmas pudding container (reduce, reuse, recycle ;))
And I loved the resulting soap-shape so much - for how it feels to use in the palm of your hand and when used on your body, as well as how delightful it is to look at - that I then set about finding and testing the nearest multi-tray moulds that I could find. 
This took me to many online retailers via Lakeland to finally finding a female-founded business in England which supplies many of the Great British Bake Off contestants (the moulds are also great for making chocolate bombs).
Hope you'll enjoy the soap shapes as much as we do!